colombian-flowerLong before I became a graphic designer I played with colors, textures, flowers, found objects, baubles, words, pictures, and ideas. The natural world remains a source of beauty, fascination and inspiration.

I also discovered that I had a natural ability to see patterns, create order out of chaos, visualize and distill complex ideas. The strength of my design comes from combining the aesthetic with the message.

I excel at matching the design to the audience, the message and the medium — from corporate presentations and publications, to small business identity and web sites, to non-profit auction invitations and brochures. I listen to my client’s needs and delivers designs that communicate effectively, on time and on budget.

Supporting my designer’s vision is a project manager’s practicality. With over a decade of experience managing creative teams for magazines, books and marketing materials, I know that communication and organization are keys to success. I hold those keys.

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