To be a kid again

In these serious times it’s a relief to come to a project just for the fun of it. And maybe the small upside of the down-turn is that many of us have more time to spend just on our own creative projects once again. So when asked by a loyal client and excellent coffee date if I would consider designing the poster for a party — a kid’s party, I actually jumped at the chance. Some how in the course of design I rarely get to illustrate my inner child—to let a bit of whimsy dictate what is on the page. So I grabbed the pen tool in InDesign and started drawing. Simple shapes to be sure, but I knewI wanted little boots on my cupcakes walking across the stage, and I felt pleased when my carnival tent took on depth. I was back in elementary school drawing once again, just like when my second grade teacher Mrs. Bryant gave me an A for drawing her shoes with perspective and attempting knee caps.

My parents kept a few of those early childhood drawings, and they don’t look a whole lot different than this. So much the better, since what I most wanted for this poster is for kids to feel like this party is for them.


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