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Simple story for a complex world

A creative team working with National Geographic took  a complex idea and distilled it into a simple script: 7 billion is a big number By the end of 2011 you will be 1 of 7 billion people living on earth It would take 200 years just to count to 7 billion out loud 7 billion […]

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A break in monotony

Steeped in the grayness of a Seattle winter, it’s easy to think the world is flat. Sameness invades. Gray sky, gray pavement. A muted, wet, misty, woolen blanket of gray covers the world. I walk most days to take a break, breath some air, clear my head, run some errands, and I am numbed by […]

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Why a blog?

Why would a designer make a portfolio site using blogging software? First, I decided to rebuild my web site using WordPress to see if it was possible. Could I easily make a site that looked good, showed the breadth of my work, had flexibility and good navigation so potential clients could find what they are […]

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