Why a blog?

Why would a designer make a portfolio site using blogging software?

First, I decided to rebuild my web site using WordPress to see if it was possible. Could I easily make a site that looked good, showed the breadth of my work, had flexibility and good navigation so potential clients could find what they are looking for?

Second, like many of my clients, my time is limited and keeping my web content up-to-date is a necessary for good business, but it doesn’t generate income. That makes it all the more important that updates are fast and easy to do.

Third, this also gives me a way to feature current work—some that doesn’t fit neatly into design categories—information, tips, cool finds, or whimsical creations.

Then I figured if I could do this for me, perhaps I can do this for you. Set it up the structure and design, that is… the blogging is all you! Contact me if you too are looking for an inexpensive, professional way to keep your web presence up-to-date.

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