Travels with Willie

CLIENT: Willie Weir

Book design cover, cover, page layout, print production

Book cover

Book cover

I worked closely with the author to develop a cover and page layout design that matched his writing style and perspective. The author’s writing and photography often focus on intimate details or looks at situations from a different angle—always with a sparse, simplicity that gets to the heart of the situation.

Many stories were accompanied by one of the author’s photographs. I worked with him to select images that would illustrate the story, then individually converted and color corrected each one so it would reproduce well in black and white on warm, high bulk paper.

The collage  is like the favorite desk draw that contains snippets and memorabilia collected over years of travel. Hand-drawn maps, money, stamps, tickets were scanned and then layered in Photoshop.


Kagedo Japanese Art : Arts of Imperial Japan

CLIENT: Kagedo Japanese Art, Jeffery Cline and William Knospe

Book design, cover, page layout, print production

Jacket cover design

Jacket cover design

This book showcases exquisite works of art beautifully photographed and well researched. The design needed to be subtle and restrained allowing all focus to fall on the art. Double-bumped rich black background helps the images leap off the page. The calligraphic logo serves as a repeating element introducing each section.